1. LOL! I am so with you on this routine! You didn’t mention that you must have the children’s clothes all laid out the night before. I know you do; ya hafta! Do you ever read the Mass readings in the car on the way there?

  2. Wow! That is impressive!! And those bagels sure sound good. I’m going to try it as soon as I can have cheese again 🙂

    We’re fans of the 8am mass too. Madeleine gets us up early anyway so we have no problem making it.

  3. I’m kinda 50/50 on the whole “picking out clothes the night before.” Thankfully, they only have a few outfits to choose from for Mass, and it’s pretty hard to mess that up!

    I’ve never done the readings in the car, because I’d get MAJORLY car sick. Our only hope is doing the readings during breakfast. The funny thing is, it surprises the kids every time at Mass…

    “Hey Mommy! We heard this before!”

    My love, why do you think daddy reads this to you beforehand? So we can talk about it and that you will recognize it… LOL

    Beth — hope you get a chance to have dairy again soon! This truly is the “breakfast of champions.” If I have a whole bagel (both halves) cooked this way, I have so much more energy all the way to lunchtime.

  4. Sounds like us! We have it absolutely down to a science! And, it’s funny, over the years, we’ve actually been able to set the alarm for later and later. So, for 8:00 Mass, we’re up at about 6:15. I used to get up at 5:15 a few years ago with only 2 or 3. Now, with 4, we get a whole extra hours sleep! LOL! We do oatmeal. And, I do lay the kids clothes out the night before.

  5. You are BRAVE to do oatmeal! That is a rather sticky meal over here (possibly because my kids love to pour honey all over it!). Someone would wind up with either honey or oatmeal in their hair…

    And isn’t it so amazing that oftentimes we get MORE efficient the more children we add to the pack?

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