Awards Time!!

I am honored to say that I have been nominated for a few “awards” in the blogging world. Actually, I’m stunned that anyone is even reading what I have to say, so to add this on top of it is just… well, all I can say is WOW and THANK YOU! Being a part of the Catholic Mom blogosphere was been such a huge blessing in my life. The lives of quiet holiness being lived among you “normal mommies” is humbling and awe inspiring. Seeing how all of you live out your vocation — the ups and downs, high points and failures, the joys and frustrations — helps me to remember that my vocation is MEANT to be challenging… full of greater joy than I ever imagined, sure, but also designed to make me realize that I need His grace and strength, every single day, to do what I’ve been called to do. Those days when I fool myself into believing that I am soooooooooooooo good at this mothering “thing” because I’m just “naturally gifted” are the days that I fall flat on my face. You know, you’d think I’d have caught on to that by now! *grin*

Now here’s the embarrassing admission — I received these awards, and I had no idea how to capture the little icon that goes with each award and put it on my own blog! Thankfully, Muddy Mama clued me in, so now I can finally thank everyone and pass them on!

Please don’t hold me to the “nominate 5 people” requirements, though — I’m a tired mom with sick kids and… well… I just can’t handle that kind of pressure! Have mercy! I will, however, pick several from my “favorites” list to highlight. (I happen to think EVERYONE on my favorites list deserves an award, but I’ll try to whittle it down a tad)

My very first award EVER came from Kristen (Small Treasures) back in July. I was completely floored!

So who do I want to honor with the Thinking Blogger award?

Kristen (Small Treasures)…. and no, not because she nominated me! I am amazed at how she lives her life of faith in the Lord, and it shows in just about every post she has on her blog. I remember well the posting she did on how her children offered her a day-long “examination of conscience”:

My girls are often my examination of conscience. Before children I needed only account for my daily actions to God, my husband and myself. Examining my soul was a matter of brief meditation before Confession, or a few minutes of contemplation before bed. But today, my conscience is examined every day, sometimes nearly all day long, by viewing myself in my daughters. It is a true and full examination with no excuses for bad behavior, because these little ones reveal my sins more clearly through their tiny mouths and hands than any of my lengthy personal reflections. It is horrifying to see a child’s clean soul tainted by none other than her own parent, and even though she may not be culpable until a certain age, knowing her formation depends on her mother’s choices right now sends a good sting into a receptive conscience. How strongly we desire to prevent our children from committing our own faults!

Jennifer (Et-Tu?) I don’t know how she manages to write such thought-provoking posts while sleep-deprived (she just had her third baby recently), but she does it, and manages to do it with grace and style. Reading through her archives is a treasure trove of fantastic meditations (and hysterically funny posts as well!).

Finally, I nominate my husband (Slog), whose posts always make me laugh, and keep me thinking for days afterward.

The Rockin Girl Blogger Award comes from Muddy Mama of Muddy Bathwater… and if you aren’t reading her blog, you should be! She’s got a fantastic writing style and keeps me laughing!

Rachel (Testosterhome) — again, another mom who keeps me sane! Congratulations to her and her family on the birth of their 5th son, Henry!

Danielle Bean (Danielle Bean) — one of the first Catholic bloggers I ever started reading. Start reading her blog and you’ll be back daily!

Gotta put Jennifer from Et-Tu? in this category as well. Anyone who can write about the scorpions in her household, and have you laughing hysterically in the process, deserves every bit of the Rockin Girl blogger award!

Is there anyone in my blog list that I *wouldn’t* consider nice? However, if I had to pick just a few, I’d definitely nominate:

Kristen (Small Treasures), who just seems to radiate niceness….

Margaret (Minnesota Mom), who seems to know everyone in the Catholic blogging world… and just radiates the kind of niceness that makes you WANT to know her if you don’t…

and Suzanne (Gladdest Hours), whom I have the privilege of talking to fairly regularly over email and, I assure you, is EXTREMELY nice!

God bless you all and thank you again for the wonderful awards!


  1. You have no idea how I needed this today. I was feeling down about being such a poor blogger these days – time has really been short – and I think I was meant to read this at this very moment. Thank you for your kindness!

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