I *think* we’re OK…

And I thank you all for praying. There was concern that I might be going into labor, which would be REALLY bad for me.

[in the way way too much information department *grin*, due to my first child having to be taken by emergency c-section, and the way they had to get him out, I can NOT go into labor. Period. As in “if it continues too long my uterus might rupture” sort of bad. ]

I am staying still for most of the day, drinking a lot of fluid, and keeping tabs on everything. I’m pretty sure we’re OK, but just in case, I’m not doing much of anything.


  1. Hoping and praying you are right and not in labor! I’m right there with you for today, hoping to not be in labor (but for us only because it’s too early).

    Praying for you!

  2. So are you about to have a SEVENTH c-section? I didn’t know doctors even let you do that! When my first child was born via c-section, my doctor told me that I could have three children, max (all by c-section). Maybe it just depends on the doctor?

  3. And Amy, I’m praying for you as well! When are you due again?

    Emily — yes, this is my 7th c-section. I’ve heard many people tell me “you can only have 3,” but my doctors (all of them… those in the practice and those at the hospital) have said that that’s not true. As long as a woman is healthy, she can keep going!

    This will be my 7th c-section in 10.5 years (that’s one every 18 mths to 2 yrs). I haven’t noticed it getting any more difficult, or having a longer recovery time, or anything like that.

    I hope that’s a bit of encouragement for you!

  4. Ouiz you’re my hero! I hope I can have that many kids in that many years 🙂

    And I think that Kimberly Hahn (Scott Hahn’s wife) has had 6 or 7 C-sections too.

  5. And to me, the thought of being in labor is mind-boggling! (although I do think it’s kinda funny that here I am, about to give birth to #7, and I’ve never experienced a single labor pain in my life. Not a single one.)

    Jennifer, after what you just went through (and congratulations again on your Little Miss L!), c-sections are nothing.


    The pain afterwards is like having done about a thousand sit ups — you just can’t use your abdominal muscles for about a week or so. It gives me ample reason to STAY PUT, focus on nursing the baby and sleep… which is what new moms should be doing anyway, right?

    Beth — May God bless you and Ken with the large family that you are praying for (and obviously well equipped emotionally to handle!)… and may there be a priest or sister in the bunch!

    Ladybug Mommy Maria — THANK YOU for your prayers!

    I think dh has pretty much ruled out my doing any more yardwork for this pregnancy! *grin*

  6. Hmmm.. I don’t know about the well equipped part, but we desire a large family and hope with God’s help to raise them to love and serve Him!!

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