Not the greatest of endings, but passable. My dh is greatly perturbed, however… too many things they could have done differently. I’d write more about this, you see, but I know a certain somebody (that would be you, Malia) hasn’t seen it yet…


  1. I was disappointed. They should have ended with the explosion, but left us in the dark as to WHO exploded and WHERE. Maybe we could see Nathan tackle Peter on top of Sylar, then a big explosion… only to be revealed later what actually happened. And the reveal of next year’s bad guy was way to “on the nose” too.
    Mama Says

  2. As my husband was quick to point out, Peter should have still had the ability to fly, so he didn’t need Nathan to “fly him away.”

    Also, why couldn’t Peter control his “nuclear-ness” this time, when he’s been able to do so all the other times?

    How many times did Claire have to get ready to shoot the guy, only to be told, “oh, wait a minute… I’m OK”?

    Why would ANYONE be so stupid as to: confront Sylar on his own… and why would they assume that one thrust from a samurai sword would do him in?

    These are just some of the questions we had…

  3. Well, I wish they would give Claire something to do besides look anxious.
    I also want to know what the heck happened to the invisible guy – and why didn’t Peter turn invisible when it would do him some good, like when he was waiting for Sylar to show up in the plaza?
    And what happened to Isaac’s body, one minute he’s on the floor of his loft, the next it’s grand central station with everyone but the cops coming and going. Obviously the police didn’t get there, or it’d be a crime scene.
    Who’s paying the rent now that Simone is dead?

  4. Good point about the whole invisibility thing…

    PLUS, Peter had all of Sylar’s powers since the first confrontation, didn’t he? If so, he should have been able to work the same kind of choke hold… fling him around… that sort of thing.

    My brother wanted to know why Peter couldn’t “hear” all the evil thoughts of his brother and mom long before all this… why Sylar could stop bullets, but somehow didn’t have time to stop and fling a Japanese guy shouting and running at him with a sword…

    ah, the questions! the questions!

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