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I’ve been having fun this evening going through this site, listening to various artists that I’ve never even heard of. Danielle Rose is one such artist. She’s got a beautiful voice! This might be one to put in my wish list…

Joe Hand is another one to listen to. We’ve bought some of his songs, such as Psalm 90, Psalm 40, and Psalm 128. The kids love to go to sleep to these…

Of course, the song that really gets my kids going is the song St. Michael by Mike Harrison. We have to listen to this one loud and often (while marching and brandishing weapons, of course) — but I will say that I’ve managed to memorize the prayer quite easily!


  1. Hey you should check out Sarah Bauer on that site too! My husband plays in her band (I used to, but I don’t think that’s possible anymore!) Her second album is great and she’s coming out with a 3rd in June that is even better!

  2. If you want to find out more about Catholic recording artists, check out GrapeVine Magazine at We also have a weekly podcast known as the GrapeVine News Minute where we run interviews, play song clips and report on news in Catholic music.

    Kudos to Doug Archer, he is the mastermind behind the Catholic Music Network. He is very dedicated to spreading the word about Catholic music.

  3. I played guitar and sang back up. Ken plays lead guitar and he’s awesome! They’ve played for world youth day in Germany, the National Catholic Youth Conference in Atlanta (I got to play for that one – for about 20,000 people!) and all over the US. They’re very good! Ken’s going to Alaska for a gig with her in a few weeks.

  4. I came across your site through the Catholic Mother’s blogroll. I can recommend Danielle Rose. I have her CD where she has written a song for each Mystery of the Rosary. BEAUTIFUL!!

  5. What a great tip! I’ve been trying to make inspiring music a bigger part of my day, so this is a great place to start.

    Also, if you have a moment, I’d love to rope you into answering a few questions about being the mom of a large family for the interview series I’m doing. If you have any interest, email me (link on my profile). I have a million questions…I promise I’ll only hit you with a few of them. 🙂

  6. Susan — thank you for the podsite!

    Jen — thank you for the recommendation of Danielle Rose! I was impressed with what snippets I got to hear. I need more music!!

    Jennifer — thank you for asking! I’d love to be interviewed!

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