So, it’s come down to this, has it?

These sad photos show my children, determined to get some sort of “winter fun” out of a day that promised snow, picking… well, we can’t really call them “icicles,” can we? Let’s call them “iciclettes”… off of the bushes outside.

My childhood was spent up North, so I got more than my fair share of snow when I was younger.

I really don’t miss it.

A day or two of snow is more than enough for me. It’s pretty, it’s enjoyed, and then it melts away.

But this is just too, too sad.

(for what it’s worth, though, they got some really cool looking icicles off of the leaves. They were perfect ice copies of the leaves, and provided a mighty fun “snack” for my industrious hunters.)

“And now for something completely different…”

Just because I wanted to share with you, I’m posting a picture of the very first Rosary I’ve ever made. I thought it would be a fun thing to do, and my husband liked it so much he claimed it.

It’s actually much prettier in person, but you get the general idea.


  1. YOU made a ROSARY?!?!?!?

    May I be the first to comment that I am *SO* impressed!!! It is beautiful! Strung on cord? Wire? What?

    I need details!!! (not that I’m even remotely thinking of becoming a rosary maker in my *spare* time) Are those black beads?

    Very impressed, am I. (CowGirl #1 and I have been watching Empire Strikes Back)

  2. Wow… I never expected comments on the rosary, guys! Thank you!

    It really looks a lot better “in person”–the beads shimmer black/green/purple, and are quite pretty.

    Suburban Cowgirl: you can start laughing now.

    (she’s being kind, everyone…she could tell you stories about me when I was a reluctant “revert” to Catholicism. Oh, the complaints she got to hear! God bless you, Suburban Cowgirl!)

    To answer your questions, it’s just beads on a string. Not a difficult task at all, actually. The whole process took about 40 minutes or so, including “mess up” time and “trying to get the string to go back through the spacer beads properly” time. I’m not sure how it would hold up with “strenous use,” so we’ll let my husband be the test case.

    Beth: 1/2″ of snow! My children would be ecstatic! And I would be overjoyed to have it melt by noon! *grin* I have too many memories of trudging to the bus stop in slush in Village Farms… in fact, from my back yard I *used* to be able to see OLMC. I’ve been back there since then and they’ve built it up quite a bit.

  3. Thank you! and yes, I did. I got them at Hobby Lobby for less than $2… and the silver ones were like $1.50… and then the rest are just spacer beads.

    We’ll see if this can stand up to “rigorous use,” or if it falls apart quickly…

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