“Mommy was a little slow in getting me a snack, so I decided to just help myself.”

“Don’t even think about it, doggie… I’m not finished yet.”

Ah, the joys of little ones! Marie had been fussing as I was trying to finish cooking supper (don’t they always?) — obviously, she was rather hungry and just couldn’t wait those extra few minutes to eat supper. As I had my back turned, I heard the sound of a cardboard box go “flop” and then heard the musical cascade of thousands of little frosted flakes hitting the hardwood floor.

Marie giggled and then merrily started grabbing great handfuls of the sugar-coated wonders.

She was in heaven!

What’s a Mom to do except smile, sit on the floor with her daughter, and grab the camera?

This child ate… shared some with me… threw it on her lap and in her hair… and then belly-flopped into the pile and ACTUALLY started making “cereal angels” on the floor (I tried to get a picture of that, but it just didn’t happen). It was hysterical!

To her great credit, the “fuzzy roomba” waited patiently for Marie to finish up her snack.

To her even greater credit, she cleaned up the ENTIRE mess. There was NOTHING for me to sweep up! (I did, however, give the floor a darn good mopping afterwards.)

And yes, Marie did eat supper afterwards.


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