Happy Birthday, Marie!

 Yesterday marked the end of the “birthday marathon” here at Chez Ouiz. I think we’re all officially “caked out” now.

One year ago (yesterday) I was being wheeled in for my sixth c-section. This pregnancy had been pretty rough on me, and I was eager to finally have the little girl (and have my body back!)

The operation went smoothly and she was out quickly. After a brief scream to let everyone know she was NOT happy about being removed from her nice warm environment, she settled down and took to exploring her new world.

Nothing escaped her notice.

From the very beginning she was a little scientist, observing everything closely and intently. Dh and I were amazed at how much she seemed to be taking in, and how she seemed to understand almost from the very start.

One year later, she’s still the same.

She’s a very quiet little girl who only cries when she absolutely needs something, and it’s almost apologetic — rather like, “I’m so sorry to have to make this loud noise, but I can’t get your attention any other way.”

She studies everything closely, learns quickly, and is eager to try to do it herself. Her communication skills are amazing. Dh and I are not sure if she’s just the most intelligent child we’ve ever had, or if we, now being the parents of six, are learning to pick up cues more quickly.

Either way, she’s a wonderful little girl.

Happy Birthday, Marie! We’re so thankful to have you in our lives!!


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