Victory is Sweet!

The unbelievable just happened…

I got a call from a dear woman who used to belong to our parish years ago. She called from her car phone asking, “Would it be OK if I dropped by for just a few minutes?”


My house was CLEAN, people! CLEAN!

There was no “mad dash” to make the house more presentable… no last minute wipe down of the bathroom… or shoving bionicles under a bed…

It was CLEAN! Hallelujah!

Now, FlyLady or no FlyLady, the sad fact is that with six small kids in the house all day, things are going to get messy. Homeschooling only adds to that. It’s a fact of life. All it takes is for each child to pull out something (i.e. legos, bionicles, blocks, markers, trains), and each child to eat a snack (6 bowls, 6 cups), someone to spill juice while serving one of the younger ones, a fussy baby, and a mom who is making supper and hasn’t finished filing homeschooling stuff for the day and you’ve got the fixins’ for a mighty fine disaster of a house.

Not today.

Today, for once, someone came over and I was READY.

Thank You, Lord! I needed this victory!

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