Cherish every moment

I went over to Elizabeth Foss’ blogsite yesterday and saw the most heartwrenching story. Because I know who several of my readers are, I will not go into specifics. Let’s just say that I’m going to be walking around grateful for quite some time.

Since that has been running around in my mind for two days now, I started thinking about all the little things that I will miss as they grow up, such as:

Sean: regaling me with one Bionicle adventure after another, his singing, and his laugh

Reilly: “Look what I made for you, Mommy!” and “Mommy, this song reminds me of you..”

Kathryn: her jokes, and her willingness to serve (she jumps at the chance to take Marie off my hands so I can work)

Christopher: his Superman pajamas (complete with cape), the tents he makes with Thomas, and his loveable absent-mindedness.

Thomas: “Mommy, can I sit wif you?” and “Wet’s wook at I Spy Spooky Mansion!”

Marie: the fact that she cries whenever I leave. As long as I am with her, all is happy in her world.

These little ones, plus the love of my life (my husband, of course, whom I have been married to for almost 10 years) are my joy and my blessings. I need nothing else. All else is extra — a nice addition, but not an essential.

I had already come out of my “blue funk,” but that posting just cemented it. I have NO complaints….

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