What a wonderful week this has been! On Monday, my dear friend “P” (I haven’t asked her if I could use her name on my blog yet) took us blueberry picking. The kids were amazed at the rows upon rows of bushes FILLED with blueberries! I was quite proud of them — they did a great job filling up our box to take home, and they did ask before they sampled some of the harvest. (I had to explain the concept of the “sin bucket,” and the donation Mommy would be making to it to cover the cost of the blueberries that we ate while working).

Christopher was our hard-working “blueberry man.”

Thomas’ basket stayed pretty empty most of the time. He was truly our “Little Sal” (although baskets don’t make the “kerplink, kerplank, kerplunk” sound) (and yes, he has a bad cut on his lip. He fell off some playground equipment in our back yard the day before)

Marie was a real trouper. She rode around in the backpack in the hot sun without one complaint… and even took a little nap!

After our work was done, we sat down and had a picnic. It was a fantastic (although brutally hot) morning! (and, this is officially your first view of me! I am the one in the middle, obviously!)

Then we drove back to “P”s house and spent the afternoon tie-dying t-shirts. It went MUCH better than either one of us anticipated… but I didn’t get any pictures of that. I was too busy helping the kids squirt the dye on their shirts (and making sure my new nursing dress wasn’t ruined in the process!)


  1. What a blast, we went blueberry picking about two weeks ago and I made the yummiest blueberry sauce that we’ve been adding to smoothies, putting on pancakes, and just spreading on bread, supper tasty!! What a bunch of cuties 🙂 Now I need to go back for raspberries!!

  2. We just finished our basket this evening. I made a gingerbread cake with an orange/ginger/blueberry sauce. It is sooooo good, and the fact that the recipe came from Cooking Light magazine means I don’t have to feel guilty about eating it!

    Oooh. You mentioned smoothies. Now I wish we had more blueberries so we could have those for breakfast… yum…

    I see we’ll have to go blueberry picking again!

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