The love of brothers

Let me blog to the world about Christopher. A few days ago I was talking with a friend in my driveway while Thomas ran around, asking us every few seconds to watch him run FAST.

You know the drill. Give him a half-hearted, “hey! that’s really great!” and get on with the conversation.

Except that Christopher was watching. Watching his little brother run his heart out, and get little in the way of appreciation.

He decided to change all of that.

He went over to Thomas and said, “Hey! Can I race with you?” Of course, Thomas was thrilled. So Christopher lined the both of them up at the end of the driveway and said, “Let’s race to the car. Ready… set… GO!”

And he ran next to his little brother, matching him step for step, and holding back just enough to let Thomas win. When they reached the car he jumped up and shouted, “You won! You were really fast!” Thomas just grinned and said, “yeah! I’m WEALLY fast! Let’s race again!” And they did. EVERY SINGLE TIME, Christopher either hung back and let him win, or made sure they finished in a tie.

My FOUR YEAR OLD saw that his two year old brother needed affirmation, and gave it to him.

What was that saying about a little child leading them? Different context, to be sure, but how often does the Lord show me things through their words and actions? Christopher stopped what he was doing and went out of his way to give his little brother the attention he needed. Just because. Because that’s what you do when you love someone.

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