Shopping with little ones

Okay, I enjoy getting out by myself as much as the next person, but sometimes… sometimes… God whispers in my heart, and I recognize the wonderful opportunity I am given to go shoppng with my children… or maybe just a special trip with one of them.

Today was just such a day.

Normally, I don’t go shopping on Sunday (If *I* am not supposed to work, should I really be encouraging others to work? hmmmm), but I needed to get some serious shopping done since we just got back from our vacation. The big(ger) kids were all paired off playing games in the back, Marie was taking a nap (as was Daddy) and that left… Thomas. He was quietly playing blocks in the living room all by himself, and I felt that little tug suggesting that I offer him the chance to go with me.

The look in his eyes melted my heart.

“Mommy! Can I go WIF you??? In da car? To da STORE?”

He was thrilled!

We had the BEST time going up and down each aisle. I watched that little guy as he trotted ahead of me with such excitement, amazed at all the wonderful things the store had to offer. He was my “big helper,” carefully throwing (!) each item into the cart, and eagerly asking to help with the next item.

It was one of those times that impressed itself on my heart. He got the chance to shop, and to help Mommy, and I got the chance to enjoy an hour alone with my son.

As an added bonus, I bought him a package of Tic tacs as a special treat. In the car on the way home, he said, “Mommy, when I get home I gonna show Christopher my Tic tacs. And he’s gonna say, ‘Can I have one?’ and I’m gonna say YES!”

And he did. He shared that entire box with his big brother. No jealous hoarding. No taunting the others that he had something special and they didn’t.

I tell you, I don’t know who these kids are, but this is all God’s grace. Every bit of it.

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