Trying to come up with a good name

I have the hardest time naming things!

My doll that I slept with all during my childhood? Unnamed. (poor thing)

Stuffed animals? Nope. Nothing but “hey you” or “that fluffy one over there.”

Naming my children was so ridiculously hard for me. I agonized over all the possibilities, and never felt quite settled with any of them.

So, here I am, the inept “namer,” trying to come up with something great for our homeschool. I think, if we’re going to be focusing so much time and energy on this, we really need to come up with a name.

I want it to represent who we are and what we believe.
I want it to be something we can all be proud of and “rally around.” (hence, “Dinkytown HS” is a no-go. So is “Our Lady of the Hostas”.)

(No, I have no idea how to make these pictures flip right side up. Forgive me, I have so much to learn!)

I’ve come up with a few ideas. My dh likes both of them, so we’ll have to see which one “sticks”… I’ll let you know.


  1. “Our Lady of the Hostas”? hahahahahahaha You *have* come a long way! 😉 Actually, in my backyard, I have “Our Lady HIDDEN by the hostas and backed up by the ferns”

    Never did come up with a good name for our HS – other than “Our-Last-Name Academy” (which, could be a dickens if you don’t know how to spell my very Italian last name!)

    I’m eager to hear what you and the “Principal” come up with…..

  2. I *KNOW* how to spell your last name, but it would prove to be quite difficult for the uninitiated (to spell AND to pronounce!)!

  3. As for flipping your photo, if you’re using a photo helper it should have a clockwise and counterclockwise button to rotate. You can also try and right click on the photo before uploading and it should have a menu for turning your photo that way, HTH!!

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