This is truly “the good life”…

Is there anything more wonderful than bustling around the kitchen, preparing a meal for your family that you know they will love?… well, ok, I’m sure there are many other things that would rank higher on the “greatness” scale, but still…

This afternoon our kitchen was filled with the delicious aroma of a roast cooking in the oven and stewed apples simmering on the stove. The kitchen was warm, my children were giggling over the silly pictures they were drawing, my husband was busy puttering away in the office, and this feeling of euphoria came over me.

How blessed I am!

I have been given the privilege of creating a sense of “home” that my children will carry with them for the rest of their lives, just as my Mom did for me. So often I find that a certain smell will bring me back to my childhood, and the feelings of warmth and security that I felt then. I pray that my actions now will do the same things for my children, so that one day they will call me and say,

“Mom, remember how you used to…..?”

This is truly the good life.

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