The magic of children

Thomas is amazing. He’s a two-year old wonder with an active imagination (like his other brothers and sisters). He has taken his imagination to new levels, however…

How do I put this?

My son’s best friend is a hand puppet. More specifically, my hand that talks to him like a puppet. He’s named my hand “Gilbert Hand,” and actually has conversations with it.

We have truly moved into the realm of the bizarre.

He doesn’t ask ME what we’re having for dinner… he asks “Gilbert Hand.” So, being the good sport that I am, I have to make my hand into a puppet and answer him (not easy when I’m in the middle of washing dishes, or pulling something out of the stove, or whatever.)

I suppose this all makes sense. He used to call my oven mitt a “whale” and talk to it as well.

Kids have an amazing ability to take everyday objects and turn them into the most fantastic playthings. Speaking of oven mitts, my other kids put them on their feet and pretend to be chickens. Never… and I truly mean NEVER… would it have occurred to me that they could be played with in that way. To my kids, however, it was a no-brainer.

Vegetable steamer? Simple. That’s a space ship.

A clear bead? Somehow that got turned into a moth named “Baal.” (Sean heard the name in a Bible story and thought the name was great)

Socks become dog ears, towels become capes, and cotton balls can become cannon balls shot at dangerous villians.

When you look at it that way, naming my hand Gilbert doesn’t seem so strange after all…

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