First book reviews of the year

By What Authority? An Evangelical Discovers Tradition.This book is fantastic — funny, well-thought through, and written in an engaging style. I would consider it a “quick-er read,” (simply because of his style) but NOT “light reading” by ANY means. In his attempt to answer modern Biblical “scholars” (such as the Jesus Seminar folks) who treat … [Read more…]

Little bit O’ housekeeping

I need to get my sidebar cleared off, so I thought I’d list my final summary of books read in 2006 so I can start my 2007 list. I know I missed a couple in there, but that’s what I get for not writing them down RIGHT AWAY. The Super-Absorbent, Biodegradable, Family Size Baby Blues … [Read more…]

What? Another picture?

Because I know EVERYONE is simply sitting on the edge of their seat, waiting to see what sort of steps my dh built, I offer you installment #3 in the continuing bunk bed saga: As you can see, he went for the steps. I was pushing for the plain ladder option, simply because here at … [Read more…]

Bunk beds… updated

My husband has been working faithfully this weekend (while watching the kids on Saturday afternoon, no less!) on the bunk beds. I think he’s doing a fantastic job! Everyone give him a round of applause!! (especially for working on it faithfully while allowing me the freedom to go out yesterday for some much needed “moms … [Read more…]

I’m not trying to be quiet

Anyone who knows me well knows that “being quiet” is not one of my strengths! (can anyone guess what I always got in trouble for in high school? Yes, that would be TALKING.) It’s just been a draining week… lots to do, getting back into the “swing of things” with homeschooling, yet another ear infection/sinus … [Read more…]


My husband made the girls some bunk beds! Now, perhaps at your house, bunk beds aren’t a cause for celebration… but here at Chez Ouiz, AKA “Dinkytown Estates,” space is at a premium, and bunk beds have been needed for quite some time. You see, we’ve been kicked out of our own room for about … [Read more…]