What are my kids doing right now?

Reilly and Kathryn decided they wanted to look like the Ingalls girls… Sean was building (of course)… Christopher and Thomas were being robots (at least, they were a few minutes ago… things change quickly here!) and Marie? Well, she is just trying to figure out how the whole reflection thing works. I love being a … [Read more…]

First Holy Communion

It has been such a joy and an honor to teach my kids about the Faith. Of course, I’m always second-guessing myself: “Did I teach them well enough?” “Do they really understand what they are learning?” I can only pray that I did, and that they do. May the Lord continue to work in their … [Read more…]

It’s Marie’s Day!

My kids have this “tradition,” I suppose you can say, of choosing a child to honor for the day. The honored child gets to wear a crown and the other kids pretend to be their “servants” for the day. (*I* was never this noble when I was growing up. My siblings and I would make … [Read more…]

Behold and See 3

I just got the science textbook Behold and See 3 from Catholic Heritage Curricula. I am sooooo excited! This looks like everything I have been searching for! I will have to remember to post an update when we start homeschooling again, to say whether or not my children enjoy it; however, for what its worth, … [Read more…]

Feeling much better

Ah, it’s wonderful to rejoin the land of the living! Amazing how easy it is to take good health for granted… and how shocking it always is to feel so lousy! I’m slowly getting my house back in order. Yes, my dh did help tremendously, so I’m not doing this by myself! My kids also … [Read more…]

There’s only so much I can do!

What’s a mom to do when she’s sick? Not just a little sick, mind you, but the kind that slams into you like a big ol’ wall of “ooky.” Well, I saw a few options: 1. Bravely muster on (you know, I’d like to, but I can’t.) 2. Complain, complain, complain (I have REALLY made … [Read more…]

One year ago today…

I can’t believe it’s already been a year… a year since Pope John Paul II died. His death affected me more than I could ever imagine. I loved him, of course — he was elected Pope when I was 11 yrs old, so I basically “grew up” with him — but I had no idea … [Read more…]

But I GOTTA sing…

Kathryn had been singing “If I Were A Rich Man” at the table for several minutes. Then she stopped, looked at Reilly, and said, “Sorry i’m singing so much, but i just have to.”Reilly: “Why?”“I’m getting ready for the singing contest.”Reilly: “What singing contest?”“The who-can-sing-fiddler-on-the-roof-songs-best contest!”

Christopher is reading!

My 3 yr old (almost 4) started reading on Monday. He had watched me with Kathryn as we went over her reading lessons, and after she was finished, he said that he wanted to try. So, I put him on my lap and, as I’ve done with his three older siblings, we read the first … [Read more…]