Two-year olds are SUCH literalists!

Last night Thomas and I were “sword fighting” in the playroom (do I get “extra points” for this?) and I was doing my best to get into the act — thrusting, parrying, getting “killed,” etc… In the middle of all this, I shouted (in my best pirate voice) “Taste my blade, you scoundrel!” Thomas immediately … [Read more…]

Book #17

I finished reading MY LIFE WITH THE SAINTS by Fr. James Martin, SJ last night. I had seen so many good reviews of this book that I had to buy it, and I was not disappointed. First, the cover was captivating. Now yes, I am a visual person and I am, in fact, often attracted … [Read more…]

First week homeschool recap…

First off, I forgot to mention that we are now the “Sacred Heart Homeschool Academy.” The kids approved of the name, so we’re running with it! I knew this week would be difficult, seeing as I’m trying to figure out how to teach 3 kids this year. My oldest two basically do everything together, but … [Read more…]

Beach trip photos

Before it gets too late, here are some of the pictures from our beach trip that I promised (for those who are interested). We went down to the beach for an extended weekend and crammed a lot of activity in just a few short days. Of course, there was the ocean, with waves to conquer … [Read more…]

Quote journal

My husband just sent me the latest BREAKPOINT article (by Chuck Colson) and in it he quotes Bono from the band U2: “Music is worship: whether it’s worship of women or their designer, the world or its destroyer . . . the smoke goes upwards . . . to God or something you replace God … [Read more…]

Something new

Here’s what happens when I have $6 worth of fun upholstery fabric (from a clearance bin) and a half an hour to myself to play around with it. Consider this a “before” (on the right) and “after” (on the left) picture of our closet in our bedroom. My husband, God bless him, does not protest … [Read more…]

Continued prayers

I continue to pray for Regina Dorman and her family over the tragic death of her precious 4-yr old son, Joshua. My heart has been grieving for her all weekend long, and if I write any more about it, I will lose it completely.

First Friday!

Today is First Friday. I’m hoping to get to the chapel this evening for Adoration. I haven’t been able to make it very often, but when I do it’s such a wonderful, peaceful time for me. Not that I get these overwhelming emotions that flood over me, mind you, but it is more of a … [Read more…]