One year ago today…

I can’t believe it’s already been a year… a year since Pope John Paul II died. His death affected me more than I could ever imagine. I loved him, of course — he was elected Pope when I was 11 yrs old, so I basically “grew up” with him — but I had no idea … [Read more…]

But I GOTTA sing…

Kathryn had been singing “If I Were A Rich Man” at the table for several minutes. Then she stopped, looked at Reilly, and said, “Sorry i’m singing so much, but i just have to.”Reilly: “Why?”“I’m getting ready for the singing contest.”Reilly: “What singing contest?”“The who-can-sing-fiddler-on-the-roof-songs-best contest!”

Christopher is reading!

My 3 yr old (almost 4) started reading on Monday. He had watched me with Kathryn as we went over her reading lessons, and after she was finished, he said that he wanted to try. So, I put him on my lap and, as I’ve done with his three older siblings, we read the first … [Read more…]

Is it over yet?

At last count, we have four ear infections, two sinus infections, and two eye infections… and my dear husband is feeling awful as well, with a cold that has just lingered… and lingered… and, well, you get the point. I suppose the Lord had different plans for me for Lent this year. By His grace, … [Read more…]

My baby is amazing

My last pregnancy was really difficult — I mean, majorly difficult. I knew the baby was a girl, because I felt so nauseous. Did I say nauseous? Oh heck yeah. Try getting sick 20 times a day. It was really bad. Then this c-section was the worst ever. I actually *felt* what was going on … [Read more…]

My first Thomas Merton book…

In my continuing effort to read “the classics,” I finally decided to jump in and read someone I had heard so much about… Thomas Merton. I decided to start with the book everyone has heard of: THE SEVEN STOREY MOUNTAIN. I won’t say that it was as good as C.S. Lewis’ MERE CHRISTIANITY or SURPRISED … [Read more…]

It’s the little things…

…that really make life so enjoyable. This morning, as always, my sweet husband emptied the dishwasher, fixed breakfast for my two-year old, and made me a pot of hot tea before going to work. Then, I got a phone call from a dear friend who just called to “say hello.” What a joy it is … [Read more…]

The magic of children

Thomas is amazing. He’s a two-year old wonder with an active imagination (like his other brothers and sisters). He has taken his imagination to new levels, however… How do I put this? My son’s best friend is a hand puppet. More specifically, my hand that talks to him like a puppet. He’s named my hand … [Read more…]