Something new

Here’s what happens when I have $6 worth of fun upholstery fabric (from a clearance bin) and a half an hour to myself to play around with it. Consider this a “before” (on the right) and “after” (on the left) picture of our closet in our bedroom. My husband, God bless him, does not protest … [Read more…]

Continued prayers

I continue to pray for Regina Dorman and her family over the tragic death of her precious 4-yr old son, Joshua. My heart has been grieving for her all weekend long, and if I write any more about it, I will lose it completely.

First Friday!

Today is First Friday. I’m hoping to get to the chapel this evening for Adoration. I haven’t been able to make it very often, but when I do it’s such a wonderful, peaceful time for me. Not that I get these overwhelming emotions that flood over me, mind you, but it is more of a … [Read more…]

Cherish every moment

I went over to Elizabeth Foss’ blogsite yesterday and saw the most heartwrenching story. Because I know who several of my readers are, I will not go into specifics. Let’s just say that I’m going to be walking around grateful for quite some time. Since that has been running around in my mind for two … [Read more…]


What a wonderful week this has been! On Monday, my dear friend “P” (I haven’t asked her if I could use her name on my blog yet) took us blueberry picking. The kids were amazed at the rows upon rows of bushes FILLED with blueberries! I was quite proud of them — they did a … [Read more…]

I love Sunday!

And I love my parish. In a strictly aesthetic sense, our parish is pretty… well… sad. No stained glass, no statues, no crucifix… you know, nothing that shouts, “I’m a Catholic Church!” (however, that *might* be changing within the next few years. I believe a new building is in the works) But the people are … [Read more…]