Movie night

I was sitting at my computer, wanting to catch up on some blogging, when my dh calls from the other room: “Honey — I think you might want to watch this movie!” Not wanting to pass up time with my beloved, and knowing that HE knows my taste in movies, I stopped what I was … [Read more…]

What entertains us

Isn’t it amazing how entertaining little things can be? Take oatmeal, for example. [not cooked… that would be gross… eeewww]. As I was watching my two littlest ones play with dry oatmeal at the kitchen table, I thought to myself, you know, there really isn’t a better toy for little kids. It’s like a sandbox … [Read more…]

Growing up

I noticed, much to my great dismay, that Thomas is, in fact, growing up. Words that he couldn’t say before are now tripping out of his mouth so easily. So, before I forget it completely, let me note that cereal, for him, was SEE-EYE-YULL. I’m really going to miss that one.

Hey there!

Here’s to my youngest brother, who reads my blog faithfully, and thinks I’m not posting nearly enough. [grin] I’m doing my best… honestly! I love you!!!! (no, it’s not an attractive picture of either of us, but hey… I don’t have that many… and yes, he is, in fact, that much taller than me!)

I’m Back!

Thank you for your prayers. My trip to Atlanta was wonderful!! It was such a joy and privilege to see so many people who love the Lord and desire to follow Him daily. Each of the speakers called us to remember Whose we are, the vocation we are called to, and the great graces available … [Read more…]

Off to my first conference!

Please pray for me as I travel to Atlanta for the Catholic Homeschool Conference tomorrow. I hate leaving my family (I’m a BIG worrier). Pray for safe travel for me and that all will go well with my family while I’m gone!

All I’m Saying Is…

[bear with me for a moment…] You should start your own blog. Really, you should. You know who you are. You have a gift for writing, and you should use that gift to encourage others. There are so many who could benefit from what you have to say. The Lord can use you to reach … [Read more…]

Coping with Anger

“In dealing with the young, we must not allow the shadow of anger to darken our countenance. Self-control must rule our whole being – our mind, our heart, our lips. Do you remember how Jesus answered those apostles who wanted him to call down fire and brimstone upon those cities that had refused to hear … [Read more…]