Snack time!

Surely we can’t be the only weird family out there! Please tell me we’re not (and stop calling me Shirley…) So, what passes for a great snack here at Chez Ouiz?Peas.Frozen peas. I kid you not. Nothing will bring my kids running to the kitchen faster than me announcing, “hey guys! Who wants some frozen … [Read more…]


Thanks to the recommendation by Dawn at By Sun and Candlelight, I bought HYMNS by Beth Nielson Chapman. A very worthwhile purchase! The parish that I belong to sings quite a bit of (cough cough) Haugen and Haas songs, so this (and the few Gregorian chant CDs we have) is the only chance my children … [Read more…]

Quotes for the evening

“He prays for us as our priest, prays in us as our Head, and is prayed to by us as our God. Therefore let us acknowledge our voice in Him and His in us.” –St. Augustine “This [after St. Therese entered the convent] began a horrible time of suffering when she experienced such dryness in … [Read more…]

My kitchen

Meredith over at Sweetness and Light is hosting a “tour of homes” for the 4Real Learning forum, and the theme is “elegant simplicity” in the kitchen. If you will humor me for a few minutes, I’d love to show you around the kitchen here at Chez Ouiz. I must first tell you that when we … [Read more…]

No “punishment”

Someone asked me today how many children I have. When I told him “six,” he looked at me with a smile on his face and asked incredulously, “What are you, a glutton for punishment?” He wasn’t trying to be mean, and in its context, I could see that he was more amazed than anything, and … [Read more…]

Five minutes a day

Words of wisdom from Rachel Balducci (of Testosterhome): We as Catholics have a responsibility to live out our faith to the fullest. And it takes more than simply showing up for Mass each Sunday. It is crucial for us to examine what we are doing the rest of the week to be the best Catholics, … [Read more…]

Book #18: Apparitions of Modern Saints

It seems sad that I’ve only “officially” finished 18 books… There are so many books that I’m the the process of reading, it feels like this list should be much longer .. oh well, that’s the life of a SAHM, right? OK, on to the review. On the positive side, APPARITIONS OF MODERN SAINTS (by … [Read more…]

Gregorian chants

From the MAGNIFICAT reading of today: “Whever the sacred Host is, there is the living God. There is your Savior as truly as when He lived and spoke in Judea, and Galilee, and as truly as He is now in paradise.” –Blessed Charles de Foucauld

Differing views

After dinner conversation (as we were washing up dishes) Sean: [after tossing the dog a dog treat] Look! I tossed her dessert and she caught it! Me: Aren’t you glad I don’t toss *your* desserts to you like that? Sean: [sigh] If you did, I’d have a really good life…