New discoveries

Part of the joy of homeschooling for me is the fact that I get to learn so many new things… new facts about history, grammar rules, composers, artists, etc. We have a lifetime to learn, and it is so much fun to discover something new! Take, for example, mushrooms. Until my kids became interested in … [Read more…]

Poor Grant…

Comments made by Christopher this morning during breakfast. C: Mommy, just make sure you never leave me behind with Grant! Me: Honey, I would never leave you behind… but who the heck is Grant? C: You know! The bunny on [PBS show] says “No Child Left Behind grant”… Me: [break out in hysterical laughter… and … [Read more…]

Breakfast for tomorrow.

It’s 10:30 pm… do you know what your breakfast for tomorrow will be? No. I’m serious. Do you, like Michael Scott (from The Office) just enjoy the smell of fresh-cooked bacon in the morning? Or are you, like me, a less-than-cheerful early riser? How happy would you be to wake up tomorrow morning to the … [Read more…]

My sister

Three cheers for my sister, who drove down 12 hours to attend a sci-fi convention, and made the extra trip to come and visit us. Special thanks to her boyfriend (for doing the driving) and her friends, who are always great to visit with. I prayed for YEARS to have a sister, and finally, at … [Read more…]


I’m sure everyone will be happy to know that, after so many divine hints sent my way, I *did*, in fact, make it to Confession (cheers from the crowd). It is never “fun,” or comfortable, to go, but the peace afterward makes it worthwhile. We actually made a fun “girls’ night out” of the whole … [Read more…]


“If anyone thirst”–and especially if he thirst for purity and love–“let him come to me; let him drink who believes in me.” We know that souls who thirst in this way constantly return with fervor to the sacrament of Penance, a marvelous source of humility, and a means to know their faults better and to … [Read more…]

Happy September!!!

I’m getting so excited… today is September 1st, so Fall is just around the corner!! (nevermind the fact that it’s in the high 80s… it’s the principle of the thing!) The kids and I made the trek to Hobby Lobby to pick up lots of Fall decorations (half off sale, of course). I think it … [Read more…]

Brotherly love

Yesterday my two youngest boys (Christopher and Thomas) were outside playing, when another two-year old boy decided to join them. All was well for a few minutes until the two-year old decided it was time to push Thomas around. Before I had the chance to step in an intervene, Christopher went right over, grabbed Thomas’ … [Read more…]