Comforting words

I have purposely avoided posting any opinions on the “latest Muslim outrage” because, frankly, there are so many bloggers out there who have written far more eloquently on the subject than I ever could. I highly recommend reading the many articles The Anchoress has about this subject, as well as this wonderful reminder from her: … [Read more…]

A Weekend of Reading!

I read two books this weekend: The Guardian, by Jane Hamilton, and Christ the Lord, by Anne Rice. The Guardian was a book that I bought (and read) about 12 years ago. As I was going through my books to see what I could get rid of (eek!), I picked this one up and decided … [Read more…]

Another masterpiece

This time, from Thomas, who took advantage of the fantastic day we had today and parked himself in front of the open windows… enjoyed the soft, cool breeze and the sound of the gentle rain… and drew pictures. This is his self-portrait: As you can see, he was awfully proud of the picture he made, … [Read more…]

Ah, a new season has begun

Yes, I will admit it: I love watching DANCING WITH THE STARS. I love seeing people with no real dance training get out of their comfort zones, try something new, and find out that they are really, really good at it. That said, I have to give the quick Chez Ouiz highlights: (1) Mario Lopez … [Read more…]


And never, never forget. Here is the website for the 2,996 project, which honors each person killed in the 9/11 attacks. May the souls of the faithful departed,in the mercy of God,rest in peace. Amen.

OK, this is fun!

As I’ve mentioned before, my kids draw… CONSTANTLY. Here is the picture that Sean gave me today “just because.” He had no book with him or anything. He just sat down and decided to draw the solar system. Way to go, Sean!

Mary’s Birthday, part 2

Seeing the wonderful opportunity to spend some time with Thomas (who often gets shortchanged because of homeschooling), I asked him to be my helper as we made the blueberry gingerbread cake. Heck, he was just excited to get to play with our new kitchen tool — the hand mixer. My mom never had one of … [Read more…]

The Nativity of the Virgin Mary

Yep. Today is the feast day honoring the birth of the Virgin Mary. As far as I know, there are only three birthdays honored in the Catholic Church — Our Lord’s (obviously), the Virgin Mary’s, and St. John the Baptist’s. Here at Chez Ouiz, it’s not a feast day unless there is “a yummy dessert … [Read more…]