Once again…

… I feel like I *should* apologize for not being more consistent in blogging, but I won’t. We have had so much fun over the summer… and have gotten so much stuff done… that I feel that I have made the right decision and spent my time wisely. Since we last “spoke” I have gone … [Read more…]

Prayer journals

Do you keep a prayer journal? I do. I started back in high school, when some FCA counselor or whoever (I really can’t remember) recommended daily “quiet times” and writing things down in a prayer journal. Throughout the years, I have written about boyfriends, fears, hopes for the future, the “crisis of the day,” feelings, … [Read more…]

Decluttering update

I promise I won’t fill the next month with nothing about postings about how much stuff we are getting rid of (boring!), but I will note with much joy that I was able to get rid of another 16 pounds of stuff today… although I went to a dear friend’s house and she gave me … [Read more…]

Decluttering Challenge

Inspired by a video that I saw on the Green Apple Home vlog, I am taking a decluttering challenge — I took my family’s combined weight (781 lbs, thank you very much!) and told my children that we were going to try to get rid of that much clutter from our home within the next … [Read more…]

Well, it’s been awhile…

Sorry about that. Truly, I am. Sometimes, though, you have to “pick your luxuries,” as my friend J reminds me, and for the past several months, “computer time” has not been the luxury I chose. I have all sorts of things I’d like to post, but for now I’ll start off slow, and just get … [Read more…]