This is what love looks like

Little Joseph has croup, and has been feeling horrible the past few days. When he woke up a few minutes ago, all he wanted was to “go ah-side and jump on da tram-pa-ween.” Look who took him out… all three of his older brothers… just because they love him. I didn’t have to beg, or … [Read more…]


Don’t you just love to find homemade remedies/fixes for things? I do. I get so excited when I find out that I can make something that works just as well… or better… than something I can find in a store. I had just that experience last night. See that sweet little girl dressed in brown … [Read more…]


Sometimes, despite your best efforts, a study of a beautiful painting by Giotto (entitled “Noli Me Tangere,” which means “Don’t Touch Me”)… … degenerates into this: I will NEVER be able to look at this painting the same way again!

We survived another October!

Almost… close enough… For those who do not know, FIVE of my children have birthdays in October… THREE of them in the SAME WEEK (we are nothing if not consistent!) Since I despise the idea of throwing one big birthday for everyone, that means we have five different cakes and five different family birthday celebrations. … [Read more…]

Weekend Wrap Up

And we’re back! The kids and I drove up to Indiana last weekend — as in, without my husband. (He wasn’t able to get time off). I was more than a bit anxious over the whole thing, since I have two children who routinely get carsick (as in buckets and change of clothes carsick!) and … [Read more…]

Fall, anyone?

This morning… I must confess… I was a bit down. It was just one of those days when emotionally I just didn’t have it in me. I asked the Lord to please give me something to be happy about today, because otherwise I was just going to bring everyone down. I had to go to … [Read more…]

Sounds you do NOT want to hear

As I was busy in another part of the house, my “mommy radar” kicked in and I heard the sound of the microwave opening…then closing…then turning on…then opening…then closing…then turning on…then opening…then closing…then turning on… You get the picture. I was already headed to the kitchen to see what was going on when I heard … [Read more…]


… you get the most amazing, profound thoughts as you do the dishes. And sometimes, you just get this…  “La, la, la, la… lumps in my oatmeal! La, la, la… linoleum!” Ah, fond memories of childhood that come sneaking back from time to time…

Week 3, and all is well!

True to form, my pre-homeschooling freakout faded… God gave me the grace necessary to do what I’ve been called to do… and another homeschooling year has begun! I’m still shocked that I’m teaching SEVEN out of my eight children, and running the span from 9th grade down to kindergarten… but it is going well so … [Read more…]

And we’re off!

Starting another homeschooling year, that is! Some people wonder why we start so “early” compared to public schools, but it makes perfect sense to us — in the middle of July, South Carolina can get mighty hot and humid. We don’t have access to a pool, and the Upstate is home to a pesky day-feeding … [Read more…]