The pressure’s on!

Monday evening and I have to blog AGAIN if I’m going to keep my promise! Maybe I can take this evening to fulfill another promise — this one I made to Beth over at Beautiful Day — and say a bit about what I learned at the homeschooling conference this year. This year I was … [Read more…]

Quick check in

Sorry I haven’t posted regularly… we just finished up homeschooling for the semester (praise God!) and I’ve been catching up on all sorts of crafty projects — curtains, a quilt, canning strawberry jam, etc. Fun for us, but not necessarily “blog-able.” Then, I had to get ready for check off — our accountability group requires … [Read more…]

Weekend wrap up

Once again, because I am too late to join Jen Fulwiler’s Quick Takes Friday! 1. I have to start off by sharing something that it seems everyone already knows… except me. BUT, if there is anyone else out there in the same boat that I was, I offer this to you now: Apply Vicks vaporub … [Read more…]

As little children

My sweet little guy was sitting in his car seat, looking out at the nighttime sky after Holy Thursday Mass this evening. “Daddy… are you sure you can find da house?” “Yes, buddy… I know how to find our house.” I looked back to see his little face, filled with anxiety, as he looked out … [Read more…]

7 Quick Takes Friday

— 1 — Did I actually get around to doing this twice? Oh my goodness… I think I’ve achieved some sort of milestone… at least I think it’s a milestone… — 2 — I have to post this. If you haven’t seen this video yet, it is worth watching. I have seen several videos of … [Read more…]

7 Quick Takes Friday

— 1 — I can’t believe I’m actually doing a Quick Takes Friday — it’s my first! Yeah for me!! — 2 — Remember my “big breakthrough” about putting the week’s menu on the REFRIGERATOR (rather than my planner)? Well, it’s been three weeks now, and honestly, it’s like the FlyLady’s “clean sink” routine — once … [Read more…]

I won’t even try to apologize…

… for not writing on my blog since November. I’ll just say that I hope everyone is doing well, and leave it at that. And I’ll start off nice and slow with my list of silly things that I didn’t think I would need… but I do. 1. A chalkboard door. Never in a million … [Read more…]