Thanksgiving post, a day late

I hope everyone had a blessed and joyous Thanksgiving! We started our preparations early this week, adhering to that time-honored tradition of making hand turkeys. Yes, hand turkeys. Everyone gets into the spirit of it all… Including my oldest… God bless him! (who made the lovely “Quetzalcwaddle” seen above) And, of course, everyone helped out … [Read more…]

Whadya get…

… when you combine Frodo and Bilbo’s birthday (September 22nd) with the Feast day of St. Pio (September 23rd)?  No, I’m not kidding. Here at Chez Ouiz my kids are HUGE LOTR fans.Seriously.They even know the names of all the SWORDS, for goodness’ sake.It’s intimidating. So, what DO you do when you combine two “feasts” … [Read more…]

Amazing science videos!

As the very few who read my blog may recall, I talked about reading this book and how amazing it was, dealing with the beauty that is to be found in the world around us and in the “subjects” we teach our children, primarily those of the quadrivium (mathematics, geometry, music, and astronomy). Since this … [Read more…]

First week was a success!

Praise the Lord, the first week was a great success! We were able to jump right in and tackle the entire syllabus for each child with no difficulty! Adding another year into the mix (I separated the two youngest girls into first and third grade, instead of doing most of their stuff together) didn’t cause … [Read more…]

Pray for us…

… as we and many of our friends here start homeschooling tomorrow! (Cheesy post, but I DID it… I posted every day this week, as I said I would! I hope I will be more faithful now that I’ve had a “kickstart,” but I can’t guarantee it. One day at a time, people!)

I DID IT!!!!

Praise the Lord, I did it! Seven (homeschool-aged) children.Seven different grades.At least 6 subjects per child. ALL PLANNED OUT FOR THE YEAR! That is such a HUGE load taken off my back! All I have to do now is generate goal sheets for each child (I’ve got them all except for the two oldest, I … [Read more…]

I’ve been busy…

10 jars of peach jam (the 10th one is already in the refrigerator. I think peach is the new favorite!)5 loaves of bread16 pints of diced tomatoes (the rest of the fruit is what I didn’t get to can today. Grace arranged it nicely for me!) So far, this is just one big learning adventure. … [Read more…]

Another book review

And another very quick post, seeing as I have guests that sleep in the office, and really wouldn’t appreciate my keeping them up at night with my typing! I haven’t finished this book yet, but Beauty for Truth’s Sake: On the Re-enchantment of Education seems to be saying EXACTLY what I was talking about a … [Read more…]

Short post tonight!

We have guests here… some of whom are staying in the office… so I cannot stay up and blog as I would like to. Therefore, for your listening pleasure, I offer you this: This is cleaning the house/folding laundry music at its finest! Take a moment… listen… and tell me if this isn’t just FUN … [Read more…]

A quick post… and a book review

I want you to know that I was already in bed when I remembered that I made a promise (of sorts) to blog every day… so here I am, back in the office, posting away! I just finished reading this book and I have to say that it was definitely a worthwhile read! For some … [Read more…]