Did I really say I was going to post every day this week?

Why yes. Yes I did.

Who knows? Perhaps it will give me the “oomph” that I need to keep going.

One major victory to report — I have finished typing in most of my children’s schedules for the YEAR. Oh yes! I’m hoping that move alone will save me hours of work each week. I had typed (and saved!) the other ones from years past, but some of those were not exactly what I wanted the “official” [fill in whatever grade] syllabus to be, so I had to go through each grade, re-evaluate the assignments/reading lists/whatever, and then produce a “master syllabus” for each grade. My husband, wonderful man that he is, created a program that will import my spreadsheet and allow me to keep track of what assignments have been completed. Those are aren’t are simply carried over to the next week.


On top of all that, however, I decided that canning and freezing vegetables was JUST what I needed to do this weekend (what?????).

No, I don’t know what I was thinking either.

But, my family graciously stayed quiet and pitched in and helped. The result? We processed a bushel of corn (65 ears) and got 15 quart-sized bags of corn and 12 cups of corn chowder in the freezer. I can’t say we came out way ahead money-wise, but I like the “I know where this came from” sort of feeling.

Next on the list: tomatoes and peaches. EEK!

[I’m doing this just to learn the process. I pray I will always be able to run down to the grocery store and pick up whatever I need, but if the time comes when we have to be more self-sufficient, I’d like to be able to feed my family more than strawberry jam and pickled jalapenos — the only things I’ve ever done so far… well, that’s not entirely true. I’ve also blanched and frozen scads of broccoli and french fries/hash browns/etc… but I can’t say my family would do well on just that!]


  1. Wow, congratulations! Your homeschooling progress sounds wonderful (and so helpful!) and your canning and freezing is quite impressive. We are still a month plus away from our tomato glut, and I have so much jam left over from last year that I haven’t bothered with that this year. ( well, except strawberry. I will have to do more of that this fall otherwise we might have a mutiny around here). We make it a family project too, come sauce time especially. It is a lot of fun to all be in the kitchen working on it together.

    Nice to see you blogging again, even for just a little bit! 🙂

  2. Hey, Amber! Thanks for commenting! I hope I can get into the habit of blogging again!

    I’ve never canned tomatoes before… any good tips or websites that you can direct me to?

    Our strawberry jam is running “low”… only 22 more jars… so I’m going to have to bump it up with peach and blueberry.

    I don’t know HOW Ma Ingalls did all that she did. I really don’t. If I had to depend on us and the work that we are able to do to store food for the year, I think I’d cry.

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