Weekend Wrap Up

And we’re back! The kids and I drove up to Indiana last weekend — as in, without my husband. (He wasn’t able to get time off). I was more than a bit anxious over the whole thing, since I have two children who routinely get carsick (as in buckets and change of clothes carsick!) and a two-year old who would NOT understand the concept of 12 hours in the car.

I needn’t have worried.

Thanks to the grace of God and some AMAZING kids (can I brag here for a minute?) we drove 12 hours (each way) with only THREE bathroom breaks and NO whining, complaining, “are we there yets”, etc… and that was WITHOUT any videos or electronic games of any sort — just pencils, paper, lots of good conversation, and the radio. I was blown away by how easy the trip there and back was, and I am so incredibly thankful, both to God and to the kids who really did a fantastic job. Everyone pitched in and helped, and a special thank you to my daughter Kathryn, who made two meals for us in the car — balancing paper plates, several kinds of meat, cheese, fruit, chips, and water… taking everyone’s order individually… and never once getting impatient. Sean and Reilly did it as well, and I give them credit, too… but Kathryn volunteered for the second go-round, which gives her extra “brownie points.” *grin*

We had a great time there — got to celebrate my dad’s 70th birthday — but we are glad to be back home. Everything is unpacked, the house is back to normal, and we go back to homeschooling in the morning. Whew!


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