Prayer journals

Do you keep a prayer journal?

I do.

I started back in high school, when some FCA counselor or whoever (I really can’t remember) recommended daily “quiet times” and writing things down in a prayer journal.

Throughout the years, I have written about boyfriends, fears, hopes for the future, the “crisis of the day,” feelings, failures, and all the trials and tribulations of my life. As I looked through them all, I was struck by many things, but one of the nicest was that never once did God make me feel stupid.

As I was pouring out my teenage angst, He was there.

As I struggled through college and boyfriend issues, He was there.

As I dealt with all the confusion I had about Catholicism, He was there.

He listened to every one of my garbled, mangled, confused, angry prayers, and never once blew me off, or made me feel like I was bothering Him with something completely insignificant. And as I looked (with amusement) over some of my concerns 25+ years ago, I saw how He answered all the prayers I scribbled out to Him.

Someday (Lord willing) I will look back at my 45-yr old self, and chuckle at all the things I was so concerned about then, and feel kinda silly for having mentioned them in the first place. And yet I’m sure, even then, that I will see that He was faithful… and kind… and never once made me feel stupid.


  1. There’s a phrase that says “GOd has a great sense of humor”.. and He Does!! You wanted your house clean, right? You got it!! I got your same problem.. with the house I feel like Sisyphus!!!!

  2. I think I answered to the wrong article!! About your last one.. You’re so organized that you even write your “Spiritual Diary”! Wow! What I can tell is that, you’re right.. he has always been there for me.. and I don’t deserved it..There’s a song I love, “Because you love me”, by Celine DIon, have you heard it? For me, it’s my life With Him.. I’m everything I am.. because He Loves Me.. 🙂

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