OK, everyone thank God with me

As I was writing the previous post (at 1:30 in the morning) I heard footsteps coming through the kitchen. I thought it was my husband, telling me that I should be getting to bed *grin*.

Instead, it was my son Sean, who said, “Mom? Marie is stuck up in Reilly’s bed and can’t get down.”

Reilly has a bunk bed, with a guard rail that prohibits anyone from getting stuck.

Or so I thought.

Marie was hanging BY HER NECK and crying, while Kathryn was underneath her, holding her up.

Oh Jesus.

I can’t begin to tell you the thanks I was offering Him while getting Marie down.

I’m typing this while holding a sleeping (and fine) Marie on my lap. I’m afraid to let her go. I think we’re going to sleep on the couch together tonight.


  1. I missed this last week, but just wanted to say I hope you’ve both gotten some rest since Marie’s adventure. Thank God for keeping her safe and unharmed!

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