Weekend Wrap up

#1: We’re sick

Sorry, guys. It’s been a week.

We’ve all got some sort of virus over here. DH refuses to accept that it’s the swine flu, but seeing as it *is* running rampant through our town right now, I don’t find it quite so hard to believe that that is what we have.

As far as it goes, it’s a pretty minor flu. That’s the good news. [As Christopher said, “I don’t even feel like I’ve been run over by a pig!”] The second piece of good news is that our neighbors have it as well, so the kids haven’t been housebound for the whole week.

The bad news is that it’s still… well… the flu, with all the assorted aches and pains that go along with it.

We’ve managed to keep on homeschooling (’cause hey, we’re going to feel bad no matter WHAT we do, so we might as well make it productive, right?), but the schedule that I was so sold on took a dive.

Don’t… I repeat, don’t… let yourself fall into this trap.


I had no idea just how draining it was to fall into that “get started around 10… or so…” way of thinking again. It made it SO MUCH HARDER to actually get started, since inertia had set in by that time and no one felt like coming to the table. Especially me. Yuck.

#2: We finally celebrated DH’s birthday!

We put it off for a week or two (at first) because I had been at my parent’s house the week before and had no Internet access, which meant that shopping for my dh was out of the question. Then we put it off a bit longer to wait for his parents to come visit us, so we could all celebrate together. Unfortunately, their visit keeps getting delayed, so we decided to just have the party this weekend.

I tell ya, nobody wears 42 as good as my husband does… well, except me, of course!

Happy (much delayed) birthday, my love!

To celebrate properly, we made this recipe (courtesy of Happy Catholic, who pointed me to the Anchoress, who pointed me to The Pioneer Woman).

It is every bit as good as you think this recipe would be. Seriously.
And that’s saying something because I usually don’t like any sort of cream sauce-type thing.

Do yourself a favor and give it a try!


  1. we had the grilled steak with blue cheese sauce for Fathers day. Well Steve and I did. The children had sausages. My sauce didn’t look as yummy as Rae’s though.

    Happy Birthday to your husband.

  2. I’ll comment on the inertia statement (instead of the food, which I’ll comment that I know it had to be REALLY good if you liked a creamy-saucy thing 🙂 ).

    I hear ya girl! Falling off the schedule for a day, no problem to get back on. But, it becomes a slow slide to v e r y l o n g days when you get a late start.

    Here’s to a good re-boot in the near future as you kick the flu! Sending prayers and thoughts your way!

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