This one is long

…but I hope you will bear with me, because the quote is just so amazing: You must believe in mercy to the point of believing that you are a joy for Jesus… The life of the Christian is a life of love. Can people love one another without knowing that they are joy for each … [Read more…]

For tired moms everywhere

Here is a wonderful post from my “hero,” Danielle Bean, on how she incorporates prayer into her busy life with 8 children. I often get asked as well, “how do you do it?” [meaning, of course, how do you raise 6 kids] Simple answer: I pray for grace. I tell the Lord that I will … [Read more…]

The Catholic Home

I received a copy of The Catholic Home from the Doubleday Publishing Company, and I am pleased to give my review. ——————————————————————————— “How can we sustain our unique Catholic identity, an identity that is as cultural as it is religious? “For many of today’s Catholics, the ethnic customs that celebrate the birth, life, death, and … [Read more…]

South Carolina Voter Guide

See where all the candidates for the various offices stand on the issues, and what ballot measures are being voted on this time. The Greenville News opinions and political endorsements (see the box on the right hand side of the page) The State (newspaper) opinions and political endorsements SC State Election Commission ballot measures Do … [Read more…]