This is what love is like

 Holy cow.

I thought I had experienced pain before.


I’ve had six c-sections, and breezed through them fairly rapidly. Never even had to take the super high-octane pain killers they prescribed.

I thought I could handle pain fairly well.


I have succeeded in pulling a muscle in my upper back, which became swollen and started pushing against the nerves in my back, making pain and spasms radiate down my entire right side.

In other words, I’ve been flat on my back since Thursday evening.

This has been the first day I’ve been able to actually stand… or sit… without needing to bite down on something.

So, what’s a mom of six to do, when her husband has to (unfortunately) be out of the house for most of the weekend? She calls her friends, and watches as they descend upon her house to help her in her time of need!

First and foremost, I must thank my friend Perrin, who has (almost) literally lived over here for several days now, driving me to the doctor, taking care of my children, doing laundry(!!), preparing lunch, buying groceries, and keeping the “invalid” company.

Then there is Allison, who drove 45 minutes to get to my house, and prepared two nights’ worth of dinners (and fed my children) while insisting that all of it was “truly her pleasure.”

Malia also came by, bringing flowers, helping Allison prepare food, keeping me company, and praying for me during this whole episode.

Julie also prayed faithfully and took care of Perrin’s kids (including homeschooling them!) so that Perrin could ferry me around.

This is what love looks like–friends who see a need and just jump right in, doing what needs to be done, without waiting for a specific invitation. The corporal works of mercy have been flying fast and furious around here, and all of them were done with a smile.

God bless you all!!!

And now, if you don’t mind, the invalid is going to lay back down.


  1. This reminds me of when I had my only C-section and brought home my little Christina who has Down Syndrome. My Catholic friends met me at the door with dinner, and, thanks to homeschooling moms, I didn’t cook for two months!
    God bless good friends.

  2. Amen! My friends/parish family have cooked for me as I have recuperated from each of my c-sections.

    Praise God for the good friends He gives us!

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