Submission to God

 “God speaks to us in two ways: He speaks in the intimacy of the mind and heart by interior lights, by touches of His grace, by good inspirations, and by holy desires, and he speaks externally by visible legitimate authority. If there is conflict between the two, which must take precedence? Which will be the will of God? Always and everywhere the word of the external authority.

“All the security of the children of the Church comes from that. At first glance, it would seem that it would be better to obey an interior voice which would be the direct voice of God, but it is not that way. The miracle is in fact much greater than if God had decided to guide us directly. He did not will to do that, doubtless so that we would rely more on faith. Thus things have the appearance of operating humanly; but they are actually all the more divine.

“How amazing is this omnipotence of God, who, in respecting the liberty of each of us, will never hold against us an act of submission to an intermediary designated by Him.”

I Believe in Love, Fr. Jean C.J. d’Albee

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