More sickness

This week was already busy. Now, on top of everything else, we’ve got several with colds, and an almost one-year old who spent most of last night “getting sick,” shall we say. It’s been another BIG laundry day for Mommy. There is NO homeschooling this week. (are you CRAZY???) But, God has been gracious. In … [Read more…]

Happy Birthday, Thomas!!

My goodness, how did you get to be THREE so fast? I just turned around and you went from that cute little guy learning to walk to this amazing three-year old! What can I say about you? You are a lovable little guy with a smile that just melts my heart. You can be so … [Read more…]

Happy Birthday, Kathryn!!

Six years ago today they wheeled me into the operating room. I was eager to see if you would be anything like your older sister, and yet scared stiff at the thought of having a third child. I felt completely overwhelmed and wasn’t sure if I was up to the job of mothering three. When … [Read more…]

The birthday marathon

Here at Chez Ouiz we don’t do things halfway — no, if we’re going to have a celebration, we are going to pull out all the stops! And so, we enter “the birthday marathon.” As you possibly recall, Sean’s birthday was less than 2 weeks ago. Today is Kathryn’s birthday. Tomorrow is Thomas’, and Marie’s … [Read more…]

Why Am I Catholic?

To lighten up your Tuesday morning — Thanks to Danielle Bean, who had this video link on her blog. This video was put together for a Confirmation retreat, and I think it’s wonderful! (It’s almost embarrassing to admit, but I kinda got choked up at times!) Then there’s this classic Coke commercial.. And for a … [Read more…]

Sunday musings…

…written on a Monday morning. I’m sure everyone got to see in yesterday’s paper the article that I saw: AMISH MOURN GUNMAN WHO KILLED SCHOOLGIRLSDozens of Amish neighbors came out Saturday to mourn the quiet milkman who killed five of their young girls and wounded five more in a brief, unfathomable rampage. … About half … [Read more…]

In the “these people are nuts” category…

We have the Church of England, who came out with this announcement (H/T: Dwight Longenecker from “Standing On My Head”) Church of England leaders warned yesterday that calling God ‘He’ encourages men to beat their wives. They told churchgoers they must think twice before they refer to God as ‘He’ or ‘Lord’ because of the … [Read more…]

Feast Day of St. Francis

Catholic Heritage Curricula has a wonderful coloring page of St. Francis. If your children are like mine, and spend a good portion of their day at the table with markers and crayons, then this page is one you don’t want to miss! We will also watch the video Francis, Knight of Assisi and read our … [Read more…]