Counting my blessings

After a nightmare of an afternoon, filled with me bawling my eyes out, I found this sweet note placed in the hallway… …and this one in the laundry room… …and this one in the playroom. Sigh. When everything seems to go wrong, I can thank God for a loving husband, sweet kids who are quick … [Read more…]

Happy Easter! Happy Divine Mercy Sunday!

Wanted to blog, but Holy Week preparations/activities took top priority (as well they should!)… and Easter week has been filled with, unfortunately, sickness. Poor little Joseph has been (ahem) rather unwell, although he has been an incredible trooper. How many three year olds can deal with vomiting without freaking out? This amazing little guy has … [Read more…]

Back again

Taxes are done…our homeschooling year is almost over…craft projects have been completed…and books that were piled on my desk, mocking me, have been read. I’ve gotten a lot off my plate, and I feel like I can sit down and blog again. Of course, I’ve probably lost everyone who ever wanted to read what I … [Read more…]

Happy New Year!

The first food I ate in 2014…  …was a cricket.  How many people can say that? And yet, there you go.  My husband has had this interest in going beyond his comfort zone and exploring other sources of nutrition (i.e. “bugs”) for a few months now. Nothing obsessive — more along the lines of, “Could … [Read more…]

10 Most Influential Books

Julie over at Happy Catholic asked her readers a few days ago to participate in the “10 Books That Have Stayed With You” meme.  Being the avid reader that I am, I thought this would be an easy exercise… but it wasn’t. I could think of tons of books that I have read… and many … [Read more…]